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BMW will Launch a New Eco-Fiendly Sub-Brand

Long time in contemplation by BMW, the “i” sub-brand of new eco-friendly vehicles is confirmed by Bavarian Motors after all. As the world’s leading automakers gradually shift their interests towards a more efficient and less gas guzzling auto market, BMW does not want to be left behind and loose their share. Their new brand will produce regular hybrids and plug-in hybrids with double propulsion, and extended range pure electric vehicles. By 2013 they plan to release 2 cars which will be mass produced in Germany Leipzig plant, this alone will attract some 400 million euros in investments and create an approximate of 800 jobs for the Germans.

The first all electric 4-seat city car in the new line-up will be the BMW i3, also called the Megacity Vehicle, it will be powered by the company’s already revealed 1- Series’s ActiveE electric synchronous motor and will sell in the $40,000 range. The second vehicle will be the i8 super-coupe based on the 356 hp Vision Efficient Dynamics turbodiesel hybrid concept that was introduced by BMW in 2009 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Both of the vehicle will feature an all aluminum chassis and a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic passenger cell to offset the extra weight of the still heavy battery technology.

By incorporating with the New York based My-City Way company, BWM plans to make their new i Ventures sub-brand a convenient and efficient alternative for driving around congested cities. My-City Way is a mobile app that provides users with transportation, parking and entertainment information for over 40 cities in the US, making finding parking in a city like New York easier.

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