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The Raging Bull Is Back

When the “tractor” company affectionately known as Lamborghini came out with the Murcialago Super Veloce it was clear that an era was coming to an end. As the car is branded SV its a known fact that it will be build to maximum perfection. But it also symbolizes that the vehicles has run it course and just as an old and proud bull has been put to rest. No reason to panic though because where there is death there is rebirth, and what a rebirth it is.

The 2012 Lambhorghini Aventador LP700-4 is here. Just days before the Geneva Motor Show a sneak preview of the brand new flagship has been revealed. Details to be seen at an instant are the new body and new colors to be available. The color of the car in the photographs is a new hue Arancio Argos-Argos Orange. Aptly named after the brutally deep colored oranges grown in the ancient Greek citadel of Argos. The naming of the car has been ambivalent from the get go. Many people are glad that the vehicle received the name it did instead of the feverishly boring “Jota”. If you have bore a child worthy of the gods you wouldn’t call him Jim-Bob would you.

Getting back to the Aventador. According to the ever reliable head of the R&D, Maurizio Reggiani, the three section chassis, cabin structure V12 engine transmission and most of the parts are one hundred percent brand new. None of the concepts have been kept from the valiant Murcialago except maybe fond memories dwindling in the wind.

Boeing Aerospace actually had a little to do with the construction of this vehicle. The Aventador’s one piece passenger cell is made of a new generation reinforced carbon fiber and weighs in at just 324 pounds. The new chassis is just over 500 lbs and having a three piece setup the flexibility  has almost double since that of the Murcialago.

The engine is also brand spanking new. The 691-hp(SAE). 6.5-liter V12 (L539) is 21-hp stronger, 40 Lbs lighter, produces better fuel efficiency and sits 2.8 inches lower  in the chassis. Not to get too technical but the engine is amazing. If you wanted the same power in any other car you would have to probably brake the bank with the Buggati Veyron at 1.3 million while the Aventador is estimated to be priced at 370K.  So making a decision here is probably not going to take a calculator.

Also another factor to take into account is the all new interior that has been made. Never to say that I have something against the Murcialago but the interior of the car could have matched the price even if a little. Well this is not the case with the new one. The newly redefined standard of the aesthetics of the interior of the car even surprised the most optimistic of critics. The gorgeous speedometer and gauges are only bested by the central console. Also a big hurray for the electronic handbrake.  Having buttons next to you is nice but knowing what do with them is even better. So if you do know when and how to apply changes to the Servotronic steering force, rear differential slip degree and gearshift timings you will get your 15 minutes of fame.

Over all to get a much better look at the newly born baby beast you would have to tune in to the Geneva Motor Show. The car is spectacular with new in every direction. But a very sad fact of the matter is that Aventador is not going to arrive in the US until the end of October. Bummer, but hey if you only just dreaming about it take the time to inflate your piggy bank so that when it does arrive you can tame the new flamboyantly arrogant bull.

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