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Sonata – Undisputed Middle-Weight Champion

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Hyundai Sonata continues to set the standards for the midsize sedan sector of the US auto industry. It’s reasonable price, reliability, fuel efficiency  and modern approach leaves nothing to contingency when it comes to competition. According to Compete, a Kantar Media company  Sonata was the most shopped vehicle in January of this year. More data shows that it has been sought for by the shoppers more than any other vehicle in the industry in 7 out of the last 9 months beating the all time leaders Camry, Accord, Civic and Fusion. Leading the Hyundai brand in sales which are up 58 percent in from lat year’s January, the Sonata sold 13,261 vehicles past month which is 150 percent increase from January of 2010, no make in the industry can match such a steep increase of sales.

Why is Sonata the number one pick for contemporary consumers? Maybe Forbes magazine can help us answer that question, after all they named Sonata “The Best Car for Commuters” of 2011. ” More than 42 million Americans spend at least 30 minutes in the car on their morning commute. Seven million spend over an hour.” said Forbes auto reporter, Hannah Eliot. ” For that kind of time spend in traffic, it pays to have a reliable car: something spacious enough for comfort,  small enough good gas mileage, and durable enough to withstand the occasional fender-bender.”  Does Sonata deserve all this homage from the Forbes? After all the mid-size segment has the most fierce competition in the industry and it’s filled with excellent vehicles.

Is it Spacious enough for comfort? At 192.7 inches in length, 72.8 width and 58.7 height it is the second largest vehicles in its class, with only Honda Accord winning at the exterior measurements. Albeit being smaller than Accord, on the interior Sonata offers a class winning 120.2 cubic feet of space, followed closely by the Accord with 140 cu. ft. – Hyundai engineers certainly deserve a round of applause for making the exterior sporty design which doesn’t compromise on the interior space. Sonata also offers 17 cubic ft of luggage space, which is the largest amount in the mid-size sedan sector. Yes, it really is spacious enough for a comfortable commute through congested city streets with extra space for all your wants and needs

Small enough for a good gas mileage? Well, maybe not small enough as we can see, how about the mileage?  For the sixth consecutive year, Sonata was recognized by the American Council of an Efficient Economy (ACEEE) on its annual “Greener Choices 2011” list. Sonata is the most fuel efficient non-hybrid car in its segment ranked at 24 mpg city and 35 mpg highway, thanks to its all four-cylinder engine line-up. Again it has the Accord trailing in the second place of the mid-size sector offering 23 mpg city and 33 mpg highway.

Is it durable enough to withstand the occasional fender-bender? “Build from the ground up with safety in mind” is what Hyundai says about 2011 Sonata. Hot-stamped ultra high strength steel body, advanced 6 airbag technology with standard side airbags, Electric Stability Control (ESC), and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, deliver on Hyundai’s commitment on both active and passive safety technology leadership.  Federal Government Agency – The National Traffic Safety Administration awarded the Sonata five out of five possible stars for protection both driver and front passenger in front impact crashes, and five stars in protecting rear seat passengers in side impact crashes. However in the test to prevent rollover, the car was awarded four stars. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Sonata its highest rating, “Good”  in both front and side impact crash test. Contradicting the results of the Federal Agency, the IIHS gave Sonata their highest rating in their new roof crash test , designed to measure the car’s ability to protect passengers during a rollover.

Awarded the “International Car of the Year” at the 2011 North American Auto Show in Detroit, named by The Car Connection the “Best Car To Buy in 2011”, named by the Midwest Automotive Media Association the “Family Vehicle of the Year” and named by the Automobile Magazine  the “Best Sedan in the Segment“, the 2011 Hyundai Sonata has accumulated an number of worthy titles to proclaim itself the champion in its class.  Introduced some 12 years ago to the hypercompetitive  American marketplace,  by an utterly mediocre carmaker, nobody envisioned the car to be an unquestionable leader in a segment with so many excellent vehicles. The car designed to look great inside and outside and at the same time meet and exceed the varied needs and wishes of the most demanding consumers in the world -Americans.  Responsive chassis, the most efficient and somewhat powerful direct-injected four cylinder engine, unbeatable pricetag, five star safety rating and great looks make  Sonata the pinnacle of the mid-size sedan segment, the mediocre Hyundai took the leading automakers by surprise, and they still don’t know what hit them.

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