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VW boosts sales

January 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Looks like Volkswagen starts the new year on a good note towards achieving their goal of # 1 automaker in the world. The new Passat might be the answer for VW in the U.S market where it had failed for years to grasp the American consumers with their vehicles built for Europeans.

Named Motor Trend Magazine car of the year and North American finalist for the car of the year the Passat that was introduced last September is for the first time ever built in America specifically for us at the new Chattanooga, Tennessee plant. Bigger, cheaper and superior to its predecessor the Passat only sold some 6000 units last month, that is roughly half of the leaders in the segment but significantly higher than previous months sales and overall VW sales are up 40%.

Imitating its European counterparts by bringing production to U.S is a good idea overall but VW has a long way before it tops the American market where it hold 3.5% of the share.

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